Like a maniac, but with Konad.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gambling With Polish


I am heading to Vegas next week and I have been searching for ideas for polish to wear. It has to be super awesome because I have to be able to look at it for 5 days and not get sick of it. (Could be tough!) I was trying some images out on Konad plate M48, the one with the gambling images. Is it just me, or are these images really hard to use in a nail design so it doesn't look silly?? I tried a few things and this is one of the only things that looked ok. I used the slot machine cherries across my smile line using Konad special polish in Red Wine (which I bought by accident because I thought it was black, woops).
I am thinking this isn't going to cut it. Any ideas ladies? Maybe with some glitter, or rhinestones hmmmm...


  1. Hm.. I THINK I like it, but maybe you should do something with a little more bling ;]

    I just googled that plate and all those images are adorable! Something different on each nail? Maybe line up the 7 7 7 with the cherries and make it look like a slot machine window? accent nail with the slot machine image?

    LOL I'm going crazy =P

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog now I am following you and may learn somethng about konading. I have such a hard time with it :)


  3. Vegas is all out girl! Sparkles, rhinestones =), I'm jealous throw something on red at the roulette table!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Your comments were all so helpful.