Like a maniac, but with Konad.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Fauxnad

Living in Alberta, Canada, we sometimes have a hard time finding certain polishes or cute nail stuff and ordering online can have shipping costs that double the price. That is why I was so glad when I found this company based out of Edmonton to order nail stuff from. They even had some faux Konad plates. I ordered the Hello Kitty plate, in this version it was plate number B87. I had to test it out ASAP, that is why a whole lot of thought did not go into this manicure. You can also tell I did it in a rush, but I just had to try it out.
I used Orly Fifty-Four as the base colour and it is hardly noticeable irl and in these photos, not at all. A bit disappointing. I stamped the Hello Kitty in Konad special polish pink and used a little bit of Sally Girl's rainbow glitter just in her face. Topped it off with Seche Vite.

As cute as she is, I think this may come off pretty soon, I just feel like I could have thought out the colours and placement a bit better to get something that actually looked nice. Oh well, polish and learn, right?


  1. Aw I think it's cute! That pink that you did the stamping in is really awesome =] What kind of plates are these?

    PS. Thanks for your comments on my blog!!

  2. Hi Janna! I found this plate this site: www.canadanailsupplies.com I'm not even sure of what these plates are called. The number on this one was B87