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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vegas Nails

It's true, Vegas nails should be all about the bling! I recently discovered while wearing the tuxedo nails that rhinestones drive me nuts. But I saw this idea on a nail supply website where you use regular temporary tattoos on your nails and thought it would be perfect! Each nail is unique and so I don't think I will get sick of it on the duration of the trip, I have something different to look at on each nail!
There are lots of pictures because I tried to capture images of both hands...

The base colour underneath is one coat of OPI Nicole 'You're a Star', it was just enough to add some shimmer and bring out the colour of the temporary tattoos. I covered each design with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

I couldn't really get a good pic of it, but that middle finger actually says 'Las Vegas'!

My favourite is the koi fish. Which one do you like?


  1. These are especially pretty! I like the rose the best! Are these tatoos easy to apply?

  2. Hey Lulu, thats really good!! I liked it very much!! xxx

  3. Thanks! Yes, these tattoos are surprisingly easy to apply, i just cut out the piece of the image roughly the size of my nail and stick it on, then just apply water to the back and press like you would with a regular temporary tattoo :)

  4. What a fantastic idea! They turned out great and the pearly basecoat really makes them pop.

  5. Wow these are cool!
    I love the skull....

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  7. I loved your nails! Was very beautiful!
    I am your newest follower!
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  8. I <3 the skull but they are each fabulous! This is such a cool idea I have to keep my eyes open to find some temp tats that will translate well onto the nail!

  9. wonderful when you bought this tatoos? amazig, i loved, i'm crazy for konad and now i'm crazy for nails tatoo too, ha ha ha
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  10. Love them! They are amazingly cool!

  11. Wow! that looks so cool!! (kind of reminds me of something from ed hardy lol) I should def try the temporary tattoos :)

    P.S. new follower, I love your blog :)

  12. i really love the skull..nice!!


  13. i love the gold fish and the rose.